About The Accularian


Live Macintosh Support

Accularian is an adjunct to our Macintosh/Apple support services.

I am a certified Apple consultant in the South Florida area. (South Florida is Miami / Fort Lauderdale) and I have been helping folks fix and understand their Macs for nearly 20 years! I’m one of those guys who can listen to your computer and make a pretty good guess as to why it’s sick. I have been called the “Mac Whisperer!” Cool!

The best way to get me is to call me. Just because I’m a geek does not mean that email is the best way to get me.

Here is our mailing address:


7875 N River Rd.

Freeland, MI 48623

You can phone me at: 954-726-9525

Our iChat address is an AIM address and it is imacinhelp.

Even if my status is away, leave a message.

Or, you can fill out this form and I will call you as soon as I see it.