Great PayPal Phishing Scheme

Phishing Schemes

A Phishing Scheme is a deliberate attempted made my someone trying to glean personal information directly from you by falsely claiming via email or phone call to be a representative from your Bank, UPS, Federal Express, the IRS, etc. They claim there is an urgent need for you to act right away or a problem will occur or an opportunity will vanish. In an email Phishing Scheme, the perp sends you an email urgently requesting that you “Click a Link” or “Visit the Website” in order to resolve the issue. When you click the link, it takes you to a webpage which tries to get you to give up personal and private information. This information will be used to get into your bank account or for some other nefarious reason. The term Phishing derives from its properly spelled version… “Fishing…” throwing your line into the water time and time again until you catch something juicy.

Are You Hooked?

This quick lesson reviews the nature of phishing schemes and gives you some tips on how to avoid them. It is in our QuickTips section as a FREE lesson. Check it out and stay safe!

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