How to Use a Scanner

How to use a scanner.

What is Scanning?

One of the most common activities we perform on our Mac is printing. That gets stuff out of the computer… but what about getting things into the computer? Scanning is one method of getting things into the computer and there are amazing things that you can do with the items you scan. Our new member’s only Macintosh tutorials cover this fascinating topic of how to scan. In this series, we will learn how a scanner works, the different functions and abilities of scanners and learn how to use the powerful scanning software that is built into every Macintosh computer called, “Image Capture”.

Scanning Photos

When you scan a photo, you can pull it into iPhoto or use it in just about any document you create. A photo is nothing more than a graphic… a complicated graphic, but the the process is the same for even simple line art. Take a look at my little signature at the bottom of this post. I scribbled it on a piece of paper, scanned it into my Mac and now, I can use that signature in all sorts of documents for all sorts of reasons!

OCR – Optical Character Recognition

Did you know that your computer can read text that is scanned into it? This is a huge time saver when you have, for example, a resumé or contract and do not have the original file. Scan a document into the computer and use one of the many OCR programs available to read and re-type the document for you. What a time saver! Scanning documents into the computer and having the computer re-type them is really amazing.

How to Scan

The Accularian lessons on how to scan walk you through, step by step, the process of using your scanner to get things into your Mac. They are available for our premium members so sign up today!

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