New Lesson Series – Home Automation

New Lesson Series!

Home Automation is Now!

In the late 90s, Desktop Publishing revolutionized the world and how media is published. This happened because previously inaccessible technologies were placed into the hands of everyday people. Now, the same thing is happening in the Home Automation arena. Using off the shelf devices and software, you can easily control your home or office from anywhere in the world! There has never been a greater opportunity to exploit the amazing power of your Mac by diving into this fascinating technology.

One of the best companies to help you get started is SMARTHOME. Click this affiliate link to begin exploring the world’s finest HA products. Be watching right here as I will be publishing lessons to help you get started. If you have not registered for the FREE lessons you can do that too.

Smarthome, Inc.



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For a limited time, the Home Automation Tutorials are available for free to anyone with a valid email address. Just click this button, fill out the form and immediately start enjoying these wonderful lessons.

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