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Home Automation – Click Here – ***NEW!!!***

Ever dream of coming home to a home that actually welcomes you by opening the garage door simply because you approached the home in your car? Or have you ever locked yourself out and wished you had a magic button that could open the door? Home Automation is here and now. This lesson series is geared to helping you sort out how to get your ultimate automated dream home set up and running.

Mac OS Compendium – Click Here

This is a two track series of lessons. Not only does it dive in deep to the Mac OS in general, explaining every button, box and menu item, but the second track of video lessons explore the amazing technologies that make a Mac, a Mac. There are tons of features built into the operating system that are rarely discussed… we’re digging in!

Keyboard Shortcuts – Click Here

You are about to learn the secrets of every Macintosh Power User, how to use Keyboard Shortcuts. You will be amazed at how fast you can operate your Mac if you will take some time to practice the things you learn in this short series of lessons!”

Macintosh Basic Lessons – Click Here

These lessons were developed fo people new to the world of computers or people who are switching from the Windows PC to the Mac.  Seasoned Macintosh users come away from these lessons saying, “I never knew that. That’s really cool!”

QuickTips – Click Here

Quick but powerful tips and tricks for mastering your Mac!