The Macintosh Buyers Guide

The Macintosh Buyers Guide

The Macintosh Buyers Guide – Great Info in Five Free Lessons!

Apple is going gang-busters! Everyone wants an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. For many of these folks, a Macintosh is the next logical choice. Once you have one Apple product and see the quality, you are compelled to take a look at this little computer which has captured so many hearts. But how does the process begin? Where should you buy a Mac? Are there any discounts? All of these questions and more are answered in these few quick lessons.

The Macintosh Buyers Guide is a collection of five short videos which cover all the possible options for purchase, support and training. There are many places to buy a Mac, not just at the Apple Store or their Online store. CDW and are both reputable and easy to use online retailers. If you prefer a brick and mortar store you will naturally want to check out Apple’s retail stores. They are absolutely beautiful and the buying experience is amazing. BestBuy also offers Macs at both their online a physical locations.

This video series presents all theĀ options and gives you some tips on how to navigate the websites. Some things are a little hidden. This is a free Accularian lesson series. Once you have a Mac, come on back here and click the link above that says Go to Lessons and you will find a ton of fun, easy to understand lessons to help you master your new Mac. Many of these lessons are absolutely free and others are offered for our premium members. You can become an Accularian subscriber by simply clicking the Buy Lessons button above. Follow the steps and you will find an affordable subscription plan that is right for you.

Now, let’s get on to the Macintosh Buyers Guide. I hope you find it helpful.


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