FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

As you poke around here at Accularian, here are some of the questions you may have pop up, and some details about how things work.


I can see your movies on my computer but not my iPhone.

Make sure you are not set up for “Private Browsing” on your iPhone and you are accepting “Cookies” Here’s how. Click the Home Button on the bottom of the iPhone bezel. Find the Settings icon and click it. Scroll down until you see the Safari Icon and click it. Look for the “Private Browsing” switch and make sure it is off. Click the “Accept Cookies” menu and set it to “Always”. Click the Home button on the bezel again and you are done.


How can I control the video once it is playing?

When you are watching a video here at Accularian, don’t forget that there are links at the top left, top center, bottom left, bottom center and bottom right that perform various actions to help you move around the site, get on to the next or previous movie and get back to the indexes quickly.

When you move your mouse over a video while it is playing, the video controls will appear at the bottom of the viewer. With these controls you can fast forward, reverse, play, pause and adjust the volume of a video.


I am on a Windows computer. How can I view the movies?

Make sure you are using Internet Explorer 9 or above.

What is your privacy policy.

Accularian membership records are private. They may be accessed by the member who owns the account and Accularian’s support staff. We do not have access to your credit card information and we do not have access to your password but can change it for you if you are unable. Our email address list is not for sale and will not ever be distributed to any other company.


I heard you can get paid for promoting Accularian. Is that true?

Yep! We have an affiliate system in place. Call us to get started.


The Movies are too big for my screen!

Hold down your Command Key and type the + or – keys to make the whole web page bigger or smaller. A cool trick you gotta try on any web page!


Can I get your lessons on a DVD.

Not yet but I am working on it.


Do I have to have a PayPal account to purchase my membership?

Not at all. We also accept credit cards and debit cards through the secure servers at Authorize.net!


The movies play a little then pause then play again then pause. It’s driving me nuts!

The movie files are video files and they are really big files. It’s a lot of data that needs to get pumped through the internet and into your computer. Your connection to the internet is like a pipe coming into your house or office. If the pipe is big, it can pump a lot of data really fast, if it is small then it takes a while to get all the data to the computer. Even if you have pretty decent internet service, remember that all the other devices that are using that service count as data. If you have a couple of computers, some iPhones and kid or two watching NetFlix or Hulu on an internet connection things are gonna bog down. That’s when it’s time to call your internet service provider (ISP) and ask for a bigger pipe… faster speed… better internet.


When a movie is loading on your computer, watch the little progress bar to the left of the video scrubber… you can see it filling up with data. When that “buffer” gets full enough, the lessons starts to play automatically. Even on a slow connection, you can pause the video, wait for the buffer to fill up, then click play, in order to watch a movie uninterrupted .


Could you please make a lesson about ____________?

Sure can. Just tell me what and I’ll get right to it.


What is your refund policy?

We sell digital products on a subscription basis. You can cancel your subscription at any time and you will only pay for the part of the product you purchased. In other words, if you paid for a month and cancelled the next day, you will still have access to your full month. If you don’t absolutely love our lessons.. let us know within three days for a full refund.


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