Accularian’s First Commercial

Our First Commercial

I have been so busy constructing the Blog and producing Macintosh Training Videos, I forgot to share with you all one of the most fun things we did several years ago when we initially started It’s our first commercial!

How It was Made

Addy was one of my local clients with a bit of acting experience and Michael is just the kid next door (6 feet now!) and the music was just me banging out something on Garage Band. I am not even a musician! All the parts were recorded in front of a Green Screen and the whole thing edited in a Macintosh program called Final Cut Pro. The Green Screen was replaced by a shaded background I created in Photoshop and it all got published on YouTube.

What you are seeing above is the actual YouTube video. Please click the “ThumbsUp” button at the end and share it with some folks. That would be awesome!

So, you just bought an iMac. You bribed your nighbor’s nine year old to set it up for you. Now you need some really basic training. That’s where we come in. We’re – Really basic Macintosh training in the form of short videos you watch right on your Mac. Come to our website to learn more. If you don’t know how to get to a website… ask the nine year old!

Text of the first commercial


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One thought on “Accularian’s First Commercial

  1. What a laugh! The reason this works is because it is so true. Why is it that the kids understand technology so easily and I have to read manuals for hours. Is there something in their Happy Meals?

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